Can Pop Stars and Musicians Have Custom Fonts? If You’re Alicia Keys, the Answer Is Yes

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Can pop stars and musicians have custom fonts?

Designed for Alicia Keys’ branding identity, AK Monument is a custom typeface that’s simple at first glance and incredibly detailed after further reflection. Created by Dinamo Typefaces, the typeface is hardy yet laid liberated, with rhythm and grace reflective of Keys’ voice. Honestly, like Keys’ voice, this typeface is like butter, a staple, and utterly smooth.

For the typeface itself, we threw a selection of heavily stylised star characters—like the A, R, the constructed numbers, sharp comma, and quotation marks—into an otherwise sturdy and laid-back typographic structure. Those different stylistic references achieve a lively and quite powerful rhythm when woven together, which feels like the right expression for such a multifaceted artist.

Alicia Keys is an unmatched force in entertainment, entrepreneurship, and activism—it was truly special to work with her team on this digital archive.

Project Credits

Design Identity: Mouthwash Studio
Typeface Design: Dinamo Typefaces
Website Development: antinomy
Typeface Animations: John Burgess