Code Next is a Bold and Simplistic Font From the Future

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Code Next is the newest typeface from Fontfabric's portfolio. The font was made with functionality and versatility in mind, and the geometric sans includes 20 different styles and weights. Code Next is one of those fonts that's fit for print, web, and display because of its bold clarity and pure simplistic readability. Code Next is purposefully simple, allowing multidisciplinary designers to visualize it in a wide range of designs confidently.

The latest gem in Fontfabric’s portfolio—Code Next—is a staggering evolution from an earlier font in functionality, versatility, and application. This geometric sans is designed to complement statement pieces offering a wide range of styles and weights, extended Latin, Cyrillic, and Greek, complete redesign and glyphs refinement, and two variable fonts, to name a few. Code Next’s bold, simplified forms with a twist fit any modern design in print, web, and display visualization turning it into a favorite go-to for multidisciplinary designers.

It’s a true legacy emerging ten years after Svet Simov first published the popular Code Pro.

“As type designers, we’re bound to revisit typefaces, and Code Next has been a long time coming. Going back to 2011, I created this grotesque-inspired geometric sans for statement pieces. Balancing between stylization and simplification, I launched myself into experiments with basic organic shapes. In a way, I’ve always wanted the font to stand the test of time. Little did I know, Code Pro would live up to the potential of a “font from the future” as the new Code Next!”

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Fontfabric Type Foundry | @fontfabric

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