Type Geeks Unite for the Eighth Annual Typographics Festival

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If I had to pinpoint the foundation of design, my thoughts would immediately go to typography. Font choice has a significant impact on the way a design is perceived and understood. Unlike profound concepts, typography often doesn’t have to be explained beyond its visuals.

New York’s Typographics makes their respect for the artform clear in the new branding system for their 8th annual festival. It demonstrates the visual power of typography through bold, italicized lettering with an active, dynamic feel. A summery color palette perfectly communicates when the festival takes place and gives the system an extra punch. The resulting package is a fantastic example of how far strong typography can go.

The live events will occur at Cooper Union between June 13 — 23, 2022, and further programming will be revealed throughout the next few weeks. Be sure to join the mailing list and follow Typographics on Twitter and Instagram for the latest updates.