Introducing Wolfstar, the Typeface Giving the Future a Run For Its Money

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While it’s easy to think we’re living in the future, you know, with the constant chatter of the Metaverse and Web3 and all. But, Wolfstar is a typeface that genuinely makes me think we’re there, especially once we start to see designers using it on the regular. Designed by Brandon Nickerson the typeface features rounded corners and bold features with futuristic nods that we happen to love and would work for any Isaac Asimov reissue campaign.

Introducing BN Wolfstar! 
A new display typeface that’s inspired by Quad Typographer’s type specimen “Limited”
The BN version is a bit bolder, rounded corners and customized characters to make your design stand out amongst the rest. 

Download BN Wolfstar now and go get creative!
Check the display images for a list of included glyphs.

All fonts purchased on may be used commercially or personally, on your website or app, and on up to 3 personal computers. Do not redistribute or re-sell the typefaces in anyway (this goes double for you free font websites). If you are using the typeface for a client project, simply have them purchase the typeface as well.

Project Credits
Brandon Nickerson