Mochi Typeface Is As Sweet As Its Name

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Mochi Typeface

Mochi, the Japanese dessert, are lovely round buns made of soft and chewy rice often found in flavors such as green tea, matcha, mango, strawberry, and more. The shape and texture of the dessert make them charming little pillows that are a dream to munch on.

Now, Mochi, the font, is just as charming despite not being edible. This typeface, designed by Andrei Robu, will add the perfect splash of character to any design. Each letter has unique idiosyncrasies; whether it be the thin bar on the “A” and “H” or the fun ear see on the lower case “g,” each letter has a fun little quirk.

Not only is this font artistic, though, but it also comes in eight variations making it a dynamic font to use across a visual system that’s both practical and playful.

Mochi is a new 8 weights typeface that brings back the fun in grotesk fonts. With a classic yet modern feel it will make your packshots/posters POP! It is available for Desktop & Web. The Variable font file is included in the Full Family Desktop packs.

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Andrei Robu

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