Monter Typeface Inspired By Metal Bolts

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Inspired by the shape of metal bolts, Monter is a typeface designed by Laïc: Type Foundry that’s utterly quirky. Somehow both the straight and curved edges create a balanced feeling that feels wholly unstable while managing to feel complete. It’s a typeface of juxtaposition and will surely add a hint of playfulness to any design. 

Polish for assembler – a display typeface inspired by the shape of typical metal bolts it was designed as a tribute to all the invisible workers making constructions safe and… well, not wobbly. Workers who remain in the shadows. Turning bolts clockwise or counter-clockwise (and so much more!). They remain focused and in balance. The inner shape of Monter remains in a vertical position while the outer shape skew from left to right.

Project Credits

Laïc: Type Foundry