Neumond Typeface Plays With the Limits of Legible Type Design

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Neumond is a typeface designed by Lukas Paltram & Samir Reis that pushes the limits of creativity. The exquisite font showcases fine lines contrasted with high contrast, making for elegant curvature and refreshing forms. Perfect for high-end or fashion-based designs, this typeface will elevate any graphic. 

Neumond is ideal for fashion, high-end editorial, retail, and for any message of striking elegance which has space to breathe.

The design was originated by Dalton Maag Creative Director Lukas Paltram as a high contrast serif typeface where hairlines are pushed to their limit. Neumond’s construction requires absolute precision, and the result is a fine elegance, where shapes align perfectly.

Neumond embraces overlaps through coordinated heights and consistent angles of 0°, 30°, 60° and 90°. Characters fit together in a natural way.

Working with Neumond requires care; the design is only legible at large sizes – but delivers high impact when used correctly. For very large sizes, the additional Dense style delivers the same Neumond elegance in an overlapping setting. Both styles are available within the Variable Font version of Neumond, which has a tracking axis and OpenType features to resolve tricky overlaps where they occur.

Project Credits
Lukas Paltram & Samir Reis