Ombra Is A Font That’s Bound To Inspire Artistic Ambitions

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Motter Ombra is a typeface designed initially by Othmar Motter in 1973 and then digitized by Linotype.

This new spin on Ombra, designed by Brandon Nickerson, is a typeface developed in the process of creating a logotype for a client. The typeface took the original font and changed the teardrop shapes into quirky circles, and simplified it as a whole. To say that this font is both accessible and usable in any format is a complete understatement. A font can rarely create a logo without making any substantial changes or even minor design tweaks, but Ombra is artful, playful, retro, and interesting enough to spell out a brand name and instantly turn into a logomark.

Ombra is an impeccably gorgeous font that is bound to inspire endless creative endeavors and creations.

A modern take on the classic “Motter Ombra” originally designed by Othmar Motter in 1973 and digitized by Linotype.

The typeface came to be while creating a logotype for a client. The simplified result of the custom lettering sparked an idea to recreate the entire font. Using geometric circles vs. teardrop shapes and completely remodeling certain letters, BN Modern Ombra was born. — The font is perfect for layout displays, headlines and is basically an automatic logo maker. Download now while it’s on sale, only for a limited time!

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