Seiva, A Bodoni That Grew Up Defying Tradition

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Bodoni and Didot are two serif fonts known for their sleek, reliable, effortless elegance. Seiva, however, is a font family that defies those fonts’ primitive tradition and, instead, serves a serif font more focused on organic forms contradicting delicate lines. Seiva brings an attitude to the serif font family that we didn’t realize was missing; sure, traditional design is the foundation of all things, but sometimes, it’s important to mix it up, and Seiva is doing just that.

Just like the liquid that nourishes the vegetables, the Sap source has transformation in its essence.

From the roots of the Modern style, there remains the high contrast of Bodoni or Didot, as she grew up autonomously, defying tradition. As its letters grow, the expressiveness of Seiva blossoms with fine and delicate lines, contrasting with voluminous organic forms, charged with life.

No form in nature is simply random. In the same way, the Seiva family adapts to the environment in which it lives using Variable Font technology: the exuberance of large-size letters is pruned as the size decreases, in favor of legibility. Delicate details gain the vitality needed to work in text sizes.

Italics grew vivid and with exotic alternative letters thanks to the rich diversity of nutrients in the Brazilian soil.

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