The Romantic Regency Slang of ‘Bridgerton’ Comes to Life in These Elegant Illustrations

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Shonda Rimes’ Emmy-nominated Netflix series Bridgerton has taken over the internet again. Fans of this steamy period drama can rejoice in the new release of season two, which promises more romance, charm, and endless, well-kept secrets.

Netflix’s blog Tudum celebrates new Bridgerton with a guide to regency etiquette, featuring marvelous illustrations by lettering artist Jessica Hische. Phrases like “Your Grace” and “Soirée” come alive with elegantly romantic typefaces in captivating pastel hues.

Had fun working on this quickie editorial piece for @netflixin anticipation of the new Bridgerton season! I ping-ponged it back and forth “in house” with my “team” (hi @catcaudillomakes). I had Netflix co-credit us because how awesome is it to see your name attached to a project for a big client?? I am still grateful that @headcasedesign credited me as “super intern” in books I worked on when I was starting out. Also a big thanks to AD Shannon Lin for thinking of me for the assignment and being very chill. 💞

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