Type Tuesday: Arcade Font Will Have You Scrambling For Quarters

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The thing about vintage fonts is that they effortlessly transport your design into a new era. A design with two completely different eras of fonts will change the design and the undertones, the mood, the feeling, and the entire aesthetic. It’s design magic. 

The 25-year-old artist and graphic designer Cameron Humphries has released his latest font, accurately dubbed “Arcade,” and it will transport you straight into the 80s. When paired with textures, outlines, and waves, it’s clear that this font is multifaceted. Plus, with three different variations (regular, italic, and reverse-italic), designers can mix and match to create compelling designs. 

Humphries intentionally created inconsistent letters with hand-drawn edges, subtle grain textures, and crafty distortions, making for a font with grit. Sure, “perfect” fonts are necessary in some cases but give us an intentionally imperfect font every once in a while, and we can appreciate the courage. 

Arcade Font for Stranger Things
Arcade Font
Arcade Font for The Upside Down
Arcade Font letters
Arcade Font
Arcade Font
Arcade Font posters
Arcade Font design
Arcade Font
Arcade Font

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Cameron Humphries