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This custom font for KOBU Agency, developed by Portuguese designer Brígida Lourenço Guerreiro, is minimalistic in the best possible way. There are eight total weights: light, extra-light, normal, regular, semibold, bold, extra bold, and black. Each of those comes in both normal and italic. This sans-serif font is simple and can be utilized for any project of any size, from significant headlines to small body copy, you name it; this typeface can get it done. It always feels like finding a needle in a haystack when you find a simplistic do-it-all font that isn't overused. And while this font might be pure and easy to read, there are a few quirks, like a fun twist at the top of the lowercase t, throughout the set that is unexpected and will add an amusing twist to any design.

Custom Font for KOBU™ Agency

Developed specifically to integrate KOBU Agency's brand identity, KOBU™ Text is a sans serif typeface with a personality that enhances the current charisma of this branding and digital agency. Each character was chosen meticulously allowing an application of this typeface either for digital or print, to be used in titles, subtitles and even in considerable text spots.

Communication is one of the essential factors for our survival as human beings. In view of this statement, a stylistic set was developed that covers not only Latin (Basic / Western / Central / South Eastern European, Vietnamese, Pinyin) but Cyrillic (Basic, Bulgarian, Historian Bulgarian, Serbian and Macedonian, Ukrainian) in order to augment the possibilities of communication between the creative agency and its clients.

It is presented in 8 weights (light, extra-light, normal, regular, semibold, bold, extrabold and black), 2 styles (normal and italic) and includes in its full character set more than 600 characters in each weight. Alternative characters also exist for letters "a" and "g".

You can check KOBU Text in action at kobu.agency or kobufoundry.com

Project Credits:

Type Design: Brígida Guerreiro / KOBU™ Foundry Photography: Ramiro Mendes / KOBU™ Photon