Type Tuesday: Dahlia is Romantic to the Core

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Designed with inspiration from 1910s Italian lake posters combined with an Art Nouveau aesthetic, you can imagine the delicate intricacies of the typeface known as Dahlia. This romantic and elegant font is available in three weights and two widths. The letters come designed to transition from one character to the following in a harmonious style.

Letter endings also take cues from flower stems, burgeons, and spines, a dainty touch that makes us wish we were designing for the garden club of our dreams. Imagine this font paired with a straightforward sans-serif one, and you have yourself a match made in heaven.

Dahlia typeface grew from a land filled with elegance, 1910’s Italian lake posters and Art Nouveau feeling. Like so many flowers, it translates a sense of perfect balance between eccentricity and delicacy. It was designed in 2021 by Jérémy Schneider for VJ Type. Dahlia typeface is a display serif typeface, useful for headlines or short to medium-length texts. It comes with 3 weights, regular, medium, and bold, and 2 widths, normal and condensed.

Dahlia is nonconformist, romantic, delicate ,and has some extravagant alternates. Its atypical curves and refined details create a lot of rhythm, and timeless elegance. The Bold version uses high contrast to be as noticeable as possible. With a touch of Art Nouveau inspiration, its counter forms are highly expressive, particularly the upper cases P, R, K, B, E. Letters endings and curves are inspired by the flower stems, burgeons and spines. We drew 93 stylistic ligatures, like the vegetal world can naturally combine species. Each letter is designed so that the transition from one letter to the next remains melodious. In this context, all circular glyphs (e,c,o) are included in the Standard ligatures, and enabled by default.

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Violaine & Jérémy | @violaineetjeremy