Type Tuesday: Denton Delivers Tradition Mixed With Modern Elegance

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Inspired by the 70s design era, Denton is a typeface with soul and elegance. Designed by Peregrin Studio, Denton acts as a font that plays into the culture of typefaces from the past with a modern and more updated look and feel. This typeface can genuinely do it all, fitting for headlines, suitable for short body copy, and perfect for logos. If you’re searching for an under-the-radar yet sophisticated typeface, you’ve just met your match. 

Denton is a typeface full of warmth, bringing expressive 70s design into modern use.
It originates as a modern re-interpretation of the cozy, tightly-set typefaces that made the headlines of the phototypesetting period. Denton has a smooth uniformed rhythm with carefully designed letter interactions. It also comes as a variable weight font.

Type design was liberated in the 1950s, with the birth of phototypesetting.
The constraints of traditional physical lead or metal type handling were shaken off; designers suddenly had freedom. Super-tight kerning and overlapping serifs were commonplace, and it’s that distinct feeling that set the tone for Denton.

Project Credits

Tom Anders Watkins
Ellen Luff
Peregrin Studio