Type Tuesday: Each Letter Designed By Muhammed Sajid Tells A Vivid Story

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36 Days Of Type is a project that invites designers and creators to develop a letter or number every day for 36 consecutive days. This project is a simultaneous act that showcases and demonstrates the art of perspective and representation. Some designers choose to create their artworks in a similar style, while others go completely rogue and test out wild combinations and new thought processes each day. It's 36 days of pure creativity, and the designs that come from it are pretty remarkable.

Muhammed Sajid's set of designs for the challenge are just that: remarkable. This illustrator has created mini-stories through each letter's designs. Almost as if they're an optical illusion, the letter appears at first glance, but if you stare hard enough or long enough, the letter form starts to disappear, and the storyline comes to life. Take the "A" for example; at first look, the letter is brightly illuminated in a neon salmon hue, but stare longer, and you'll find silhouettes of trees rising from deep white holes. Move your eyes upward, and you'll find a shadow of a being floating towards the stars right above a swamp-like form.

And that's just the "A!"

I can't even fathom the time it took to create each letter and the story to go with it, and I genuinely commend Muhammed for the hard work and dedication put into this project.

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Muhammed Sajid