Type Tuesday: The Graceful Ereganto Serif is Inspired By the Human Body

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Inspired by the refined forms of a human body, Ereganto Serif is a typeface designed by Kobu Foundry that elegantly displays grace through each letter. Coming in seven weights, there’s no lack in what you might create. Each letter features fine details, and with each of the weights, there’s no limit to how this typeface might be used.  

Ereganto™ Serif is a seven-weight typeface that wishes to express a tribute to the gracious and delicate forms of the human body.

Being a typeface whose conception is highly drawn to the idea of beauty and grace of the human body, the lines of Ereganto™ transmit a wide sense of delicacy and elegance that can also be felt even in its heavier weights due to its extensive subtlety.

All seven weights (Thin, Extralight, Light, Regular, Medium, Semibold, Bold) contain character sets that include uppercase, lowercase, numerals, diacritics, punctuation, ligatures, alternates and symbols (including arrows). Furthermore, this Human Grade Type supports more than 60 languages derived from Latin, namely Western, Central and South Eastern European languages, making it a perfect fit to be used either in titles or other typographic compositions.

Project Credits

Kobu Foundry