Typism Releases a Preview of ‘Typism Book 8’ Logo, A Tribute To Adé Hogue

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The Typism Community is an online hub for anyone looking to immerse themselves in the world of lettering. The site offers a Typism Membership as a portal to inspiration, training, community, and advice, but they also deliver support, a blog, and annually-released Typism Books that come filled with a collection of curated hand lettering, calligraphy, and typography.

Each edition of the Typism Book has a unique logo, designed by an artist tapped by the Typism team. Terence Tang of Tinlun Studio had been selected to create the logo for Typism Book 8 when the lettering community suddenly suffered a tragic loss at the end of 2021, with the death of beloved designer and letterer Adé Hogue

At the time of Hogue’s passing, he had been in the midst of a collaboration with Colin Tierney of Crayligraphy on a project called StereoType. Tierney is white and Hogue Black, so the two had envisioned StereoType as a means of using lettering to address race.  

Tierney approached the folks at Typism with a way to honor Hogue, using pieces of the logos Hogue had already designed for StereoType to create the logo for Typism Book 8. Hogue used a lettering style he developed for his “Black History is American History” piece as the inspiration for the StereoType logo he’d been working on; Tierney took the “typ” element from those drafts and added the “ism” half in that same style to match. 

The result is a spunky, energetic logo filled with life and verve. 

Each of the Typism Books is uniquely special, but Typism Book 8 will be even more precious with this beautiful tribute to a wonderful human, gone far too soon.