News, 08.03.09

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Marisa Meltzer reviews Shelf Discovery, a book of essays about Young Adult fiction books that are focused primarily on girls:

Each essay has a mix of nostalgia, analysis, memoir, and feministrevision that can make even the guiltiest read feel like it held avital role in our coming of age. Take Jean M. Auel’s The Clan of the Cave Bear,a book she covers because it’s widely championed by adolescent readers,even if wasn’t strictly written for a young-adult audience. Skurnickassures us that if we felt like the only ones who had read the novelpurely for the dirty parts, we’re not alone. “You don’t really get anykinkier than human/Neanderthal sex,” she writes.

More here, and for addition reading, check out how frequently YA book covers are rebranded.

Nussbaum returns from observing the field of “Design with a capital D” to offer four chestnuts. The takeaway? There’s a gap between design practitioners and design educators.

A great poster for Kurosawa’s Rashomon is over at Criterion.

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An Iraqi soldier who has been stenciling areas around the base with the OBEY logo has been identified.


Very impressive collection of movie title stills


A gentle reminder: Do not fuck with graphic designers

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And the video of the day comes courtesy of Jason Kottke, who discusses the 1980 CGI film from current Pixar chief scientist Loren Carpenter:

Vol Libre from Loren Carpenter on Vimeo.