The Expanded Edition Monograph From Malika Favre Is 264 Pages Of Illustrated Inspiration

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Malika Favre
is a French illustrator and artist currently based in Barcelona. Her striking illustrations are inspired by Pop Art and use an exquisite balance of color and negative space. 

Not only has Favre worked with clients such as The New Yorker, Vogue, and Sephora, she recently revised her monograph into an expanded edition. This monograph showcases the unique talents and sense of style that the artist is known for; with each page comes a new gorgeous artwork. The third edition comprises 264 stunning pages with a die-cut cover. 

Her art pieces often play with how the mind works, occasionally utilizing optical illusions, underlying meanings, and repetitions. Other times, however, Favre will create illustrations that have a beautiful sense of flow and movement.
If you’re a fan of minimalism, this book is worth perching on your coffee table for a daily dose of inspiration. Not to mention, the first 100 books that are sold through Counter-Print publishers will come with a free pin designed by Malika Favre.