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Mad Obsessories On Mad Ave

The morning I ran into Kevin O'Callaghan, he was presenting another of his high energy Madison Avenue public art outdoor exhibitions to Marie Claire to coincide with the magazine’s blockbuster October 2018 issue, this one titled “SVA’s “Obsessorize: Common Objects Uncommon Accessories”.

Bantjes Wonder World

Marion Bantjes' "I Wonder" was first published in Europe by Thames & Hudson and in the United States by The Monacelli Press in 2010. Eight years later it is republished with a new, lighter, more luminescent cover.

The Largest Book In the World Pops Up

Hamid Rahmanian has dedicated ten years of his creative life to the Iranian classic "Zahhak: The Legend of the Serpent King". Le Monde says "it has all the ingredients of the blackest eastern tale ― palace intrigues, demons, invaders come from a far country."

Eye Candy

Print Materials and Ephemera Pleasing to the Eye I have been accumulating printed ephemera for decades. Back in the Gutenberg era I doubt anyone would imagine discarding a piece of printing. First, it would be sacrilegious, second, it would be like discarding a old model cell phone (or maybe that’s not such a good...

Rough, Rough, Rough

Don May was the rough trader. He was an art and layout consultant with Hoskinson, Rohloff and Associates, and worked for dozens of national clients, including Abbot Laboratories, Hart Schaffner and Marks, Sears Roebook, and the Chicago Daily News. He was a layout machine and layout man's layout man. These roughs come from his...

Weekend Heller: Not One But Two Lustig-Cohen Exhibits

The Institute of Fine Arts at NYU Great Hall Exhibition Series will present Graphic Objects: Elaine Lustig Cohen’s Sculptural Works, a solo exhibition featuring works by artist and graphic designer Elaine Lustig Cohen. The first public display of Lustig Cohen’s sculptural reliefs and box-like sculptures, this exhibition runs in conjunction with Masterpieces and Curiosities:...