Bradbury Thompson’s Ga Ga Moment

With all Bradbury Thompson‘s (1911- 1995) typographic accomplishments as editor/designer of Westvaco Inspirations, design of the “Washburn Bible” and countless other works, it’s easy to forget he was art director of Mademoiselle magazine.

Mademloselle002This 1952 issue is an important example of how he steered this magazine for young women into the calm waters of economical typography, while emphasizing smart visuals. His signature co-mix of old and contemporary graphic elements is nicely presented on the cover and a few of the interior spreads (at a time before color for the run-of-the-book was economically feasible).

There’s also a nice little triffle: The Ga Ga dress. Is Lady Gaga a Mademioselle fan, too?

For more on Thompson go here.

Mademloselle001Mademloselle003Mademloselle005Mademloselle004Mademloselle006 Mademloselle007


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