Can You Have Too Much Bliss?

According to Henrik Drescher, yes! But bliss has a price. His visually hyperactive letterpress book, Too Much Bliss, turned laser printed paperback, is now available (mailed from China, where Drescher lives and works) for just $80 U.S.

Too Much Bliss is a limited edition book that Drescher made with Granary Books in 1992, it is in many important collections including the Getty and the Victoria and Albert. “It was created as a sort of catalogue of everything and to this day I still refer to it for subject matter in my paintings and drawings,” he told me.

The original was letterpress printed and hand colored in an edition of 42 copies. The reprint is a festival of Drescher’s unworldly delights — drawings, collage and object by a master of the Artists’ Book. Contact him for more information:

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