Delittle Makes De Big Wood Type

Robt. Delittle of Vine Street, York, England, is one of the two most fam­ous wood type makers, and the last factory in the U.K. The establishment ran from 1888 to 1997 just before the most recent revival of wood. The Type Museum, Lon­don, is said to have the equip­ment in storage.

These specimen sheets are excerpted from Delittle’s stunning catalog (circa 1925) and show the versatility of well-crafted wood type. Here is a revival of one of Delittle’s vintage types.

For those interested in learning more about wood setting and printing the person to see is Alan Kitching who is known to run some pretty intense workshops (see here).

WOOD TYPE 4 WOOD TYPE 3 WOOD TYPE WOOD TYPE 5 WOOD TYPE 1Resource for the Savvy Designer

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