Home Alone with Hanksy’s House Painters

When I was a kid, each time (every two years) my parents got their apartment painted, they’d let me draw on them first. I created some first class murals, but they were nothing like the awesome adventure called “Hanksy Presents: Surplus Candy” that New York and LA street art punster Hanksy embarked upon last week when he and 43 invited street artists took over a four-story abandoned house on Manhattan’s Lower East Side to make a carnival of impromptu radical tableaux.

For an entire week prior to the building’s demolition, its walls, floors, ceilings and stairs were transformed into comic murals and installations. The once beautiful late 19th century New York brownstone, with French doors, classic moldings and winding staircase, was given a fantastic send-off well worth its once regal stature, when last Friday Hanksy opened the space for an exclusive one night showing. A film that documents the process, produced by No Your City and directed by Nicolas Heller/Ricky Shabazz, will be released soon. So, stay tuned here. These photographs were taken by No Your City.

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