Twump and Pooty: The Story to Date

To celebrate the bromance that was consummated in Hamburg, Germany, during the G20 annual free world photo fest, The Daily Heller is pleased to present the maestro of satire Robert Grossman‘s complete collection of “Twump and Pooty.” Any resemblance to those living or dead (or Punch and Judy) is purely coincidental.



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3 thoughts on “Twump and Pooty: The Story to Date

  1. oldDesigner

    Groan. Is there nowhere to escape all the political BS?
    If you really can’t control your urge to bash Trump you could at least find some amusing or interesting content. There is plenty of it out there. Twump and Pooty is really lacking, obviously flailing anger has blinded your ability to recognize humor or wit – or maybe it was not supposed to be amusing? Who knows – just more political hatred creeping into every unrelated corner of the internet.

  2. aaronE

    I was enjoying the break from your overtly American political posts.
    Why not get back to focusing on the graphic design of Italian Fascism?