Virgin’s Sex Pistols

Welcome to a punk’s worst nightmare. (Or is it?) Yesterday, Bloomberg’s Mark Gilbert reported that Sex Pistols album cover art now adorns Richard Branson’s Virgin MasterCards. He wrote:

So seeing punk-record album covers in credit-card promotions triggers a bit of melancholy, but no more than that. The Pistols, after all, were always all about the money. “The only notes that really count are the ones that come in wads,” went the lyrics to their masterpiece “The Great Rock ‘n’ Roll Swindle.”

Still, for the idealist in all of us, if you thought Bob Dylan hawking Chrysler autos on Super Bowl Sunday (2014) was rotten, well you’ll get the Memphis blues again with this Pistol-whipping of alternative culture. Or maybe it was all just a dream. Oh mama, can this really be the end …?





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One thought on “Virgin’s Sex Pistols

  1. Mirko Ilic

    “Sex Pistols original 1979 poster ”Young Flesh Required, The Great Rock N’ Roll Swindle”. The infamous punk band turn their hostilities on their own record label with this very large poster designed by Jamie Reid. Banned by American Express, its image of a ”Sex Pistols” credit card with ”Virgin Records” named as the cardholder signifies the band’s feeling they were exploited unfairly for profit.

    You can see the original poster here: