10 Inspiring Advertising Designs

Advertising designs showcase graphic design’s power. The ability to encourage people to buy a product, attend an event, or to change a previously-held perception through one graphic design creation is simply astounding.

Creating great advertisement copy involves interdisciplinary approaches in both visual and verbal communication—branding, typography, images, contrast, unity and hierarchy intertwined to deliver a strong message.

10 Inspiring Advertising Designs

These creative advertisements incorporate beautifully blended visual elements to create a potent message.

Zatarain’s Red Bean & Rice Bus Shelter Out-of-Home

This campaign was honored in the 2014 Regional Design Annual. See more of the winners here, or enter the 2015 RDA here.


Peter Mayer Advertising, New Orleans; www.peteramayer.com: Tony Norman, Josh Mayer (creative directors), Richard Landry (art director), Jamie Davenport, Blake Young (designers), Maureen Bongiovanni (writer); Zatarain’s (client)

Custom Works for Nike

Great Advertisement Example

Christopher DeGaetano – Art Director | Jeff Wertz – Studio Director | Marcelo Schultz – Illustrator | www.nike.com | See more

NEENAH—Power of Print Ads

This campaign was honored in the 2014 Regional Design Annual. See more of the winners here, or enter the 2015 RDA here.

Lacross Hunt Advertising Design

 Design Army, Washington, DC; www.designarmy.com: Pum Lefebure (creative director/art director), Jake Lefebure (creative director), Sucha Becky (art director/designer), Bryan Minnich, Laura Berglund (designers), S.W. Smith (writer); Neenah (client)

2013 LaCrosse Boots “Hunt” Campaign

This campaign was honored in the 2014 Regional Design Annual. See more of the winners here, or enter the 2015 RDA here.

LaCrosse Hunt Advertising Design

 Seal Ideas, Indianapolis; www.sealideas.com: Ben Seal (creative director/writer), Jeff Morris (art director/designer), Harold Lee Miller (photographer); LaCrosse Boots (client)

ESPN posters for 2014 FIFA World Cup

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A series of posters created for the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brasil. Client: ESPN | Created by Cristiano Siqueira.

Ram: Eight Cylinders

This campaign was honored in the 2014 Regional Design Annual. See more of the winners here, or enter the 2015 RDA here.

Eight Cylinders Advertising Design

The Richards Group, Dallas; www.richards.com: Jimmy Bonner (creative director), Rob Baker (creative director/writer), Natalia Fredericks (art director/designer), Jeff Hodgson (writer); Ram (client)

Ram: Find Yourself

This campaign was honored in the 2014 Regional Design Annual. See more of the winners here, or enter the 2015 RDA here.

Find Yourself Advertising Design

The Richards Group, Dallas; www.richards.com: Jimmy Bonner, Rob Baker (creative directors), Mike LaTour (art director), Aaron Johnson, Joel Anderson (designers), Chad Berry (writer); Ram (client)

Schwarzkopf Hair Gel Ad

Great Advertisement Example

Created by Patrick Dufour, Alex Sovertkov and Maria Gronlund.

Sugar Bowl Resort 75th Anniversary Poster

by Brian Miller


“Beyond was all around me. My dream was a dream no longer. I suppose I was here because this was something I had to do. Not just dream about it, but do it. I suppose too I was here to test myself. Not that I had never done it before but this time it was to be a more thorough and lasting examination.” — Richard Proenneke

Great Advertisement Example

Sugar Bowl Resort 75th Anniversary. Check out how Brian Miller created the poster here.

Beijing Sports Radio Advertisements

by Ogilvy & Mather, Hong Kong, Simon Handford, Sandy Chan (Executive Creative Directors,) Alvin Lim (Creative Director,)Alvin Lim, Sonny Tjahjadi, Jason Pan, Hubert Yeung  (Art Directors,) Richard Sorensen (CD/Copywriter,) A Thousand Eyes Indonesia (Retoucher,) Tak Chi Lee, Paul Lam, Cao Yu (Account Team.)

Great Advertising Example

Look at the other Beijing Sports Radio ads here.

Designing your own influential advertisements is achievable. For a jumpstart into producing powerful ads, checkout these helpful advertising design resources:

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