Mayor to Londoners: Don't Jump

Update: This ad campaign is, thankfully, a spoof.

The London Underground has had rashes of suicides on the tracks. Deep tube stations have “anti-suicide pits” or “suicide pits” or “dead man’s trenches” beneath the track that enables responders to help prevent death when a passenger falls or jumps in front of a train. London Underground has a “Therapy Unit” to deal with drivers’ post-traumatic stress, resulting from someone jumping under their train.

Now there is an advertising campaign designed to thwart suicides. Whether the approach works or not, only time will tell. But the idea that the Mayor of London, Conservative Boris Johnson, a character by any measure, is suggesting potential suicide victims should do the deed at home rather than tie up the subway is possibly tasteless. No?

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11 thoughts on “Mayor to Londoners: Don't Jump

  1. Denisa

    This campaign may be insensitive, but I dont see it as something, that makes fun of suicide – it merely points out the truth, that when people decide to kill themselves by jumping under a train, they psychically mess up a dozen others, who are forced to witness this act… I dont think anyone would be happy if they drove a train and saw a person die in front of them without the ability to stop it from happening…

  2. Bob

    Yes mental health is a serious topic, but surely the point of these is to make you stop and think. Although those committing suicide in this way are clearly not thinking much beyond themselves, it is important to highlight the trauma they cause the drivers, passengers nearby and the paramedics/specialists who literally have to pick up the pieces. Not to mention the chaos to the travel plans of hundreds of others. Suicide is a supremely selfish act, whichever way you look at it. These are both clever and challenging.

  3. Alice

    I personally belive it is a very interesting approach! Suicide is nothing to joke about, but we all as citizens should reflect on how our actions may or may not affect others since we dont live alone, but in community. To choose to end your life in a subway track, might be a good solution for the person, but its cetainly not for those who watch it and have nothing to do with it. So if you ask me, I completely understand the message: if you want to kill yourself, do it alone, dont bring others into your misery! life is hard enough as it is. I think this campaign is quite brave!

  4. Barb Hildebrand

    Had this highly inappropriate and insensitive post brought to my attention by a friend today.  I realize it is a spoof or parody, but there is absolutely nothing funny or humourous about suicide and it’s a shame your organization felt the need to even give this type of hurtful imagery coverage.I can see from some of the other comments I’m not alone in my sentiments.  It never ceases to amaze me at the insensitivity and cluelessness that abounds around the topic of suicide and mental health.