1. I’m not sure this is accurate. It’s my understanding that Ikea changed its corporate font (a version of Futura) to Verdana, but not the logo itself. First of all, the original logo is not Futura (it seems to have the smallest of serifs – not a Futura feature.) Also, a quick trip to the Ikea website still features the “old” logo. Unless I’m mistaken, what Ikea did was change the typeface they use in their catalogs, wayfinding signs, etc. While that is a debatable choice in the change of one of their key branding elements, it’s quite different from changing their logo.

    • Thanks for the comment. Because IKEA’s logo is a typographic logo, a change in font would mean changing the logo, yet the design and colors do remain the same.

      ~ Kathy

      • Right, but they are not changing the font in the logo. The logo is the same. The font is only changing in terms of textual applications, such as headlines, body copy, directional signage, but not the logo. Not to harp, but it’s an important distinction.

        • That is a great point. I’m going to post this on our Facebook page. Please weigh in. I like that you are “harping.” It’s so important to talk about these things. I really appreciate your post and hope you continue to add more.

          ~ Kathy