06/13/2014: World Cup book

Another well-designed World Cup project, this one a collaboration between Hey and Studio DBD. The book project contains facts about players from each of the 32 teams playing in the 2014 games, and the book, as well as prints are available for purchase at Twenty Twenty Two. Check out more images here.

A View From Inside the 1960s Music Revolution

“When did music become so important?” That’s Don Draper from last week’s Mad Men, set in 1966. Later in the episode he turns off “Tomorrow Never Knows,” from the Beatles album Revolver, and walks out of the room. There’s something happening here, but you don’t know what it is—do you, Mr. Draper? One year later, Rolling...

Today's Obsession: Designing Media

As SxSW interactive begins tomorrow (I’m in Austin; look for me and say hello, or even better, feed me booze), I will be looking more at the media industry for the next few days. Here’s one great piece I found yesterday: a book, Designing Media by Bill Moggridge, examining the making of the media...

Today's Obsession: Brilliant

Here’s a book I can’t believe I missed out on when PopMatters posted it last October—Brilliant: The Evolution of Artificial Light sounds like a fascinating read. It traces the history of artifically-created and transported light from the end of the last Ice Age, when we first began to express ourselves, to today’s massive power...