stop motion

Lunch Break Video – MTV 2011

This innovative spot for MTV Brazil was created by director Dulcidio Caldeira of Paranoid Brazil. Such a clever way to create stop-motion. Apparently, to achieve this effect, the balloons were fastened to a rail which went the length of two football fields. The popper traveled at a rate of 600 balloons per minute.

Lunch Break Video | Eatliz – Lose This Child

Israeli directing duo Yuval and Merav Nathan are at it again. This music video for Eatliz perfectly showcases their patient stop-motion skills. This directing team received a Grammy nomination for their work on Oren Lavie’s Her Morning Elegance. This video is primarily sand sculpture… shot on a beach in one laborious night with the...

Lunch Break Video: PES part one | The Deep

Here is the most recent film by director PES. Being a fan of stop motion and contraption, this film to hit me just right. Commissioned for Showtime Short Stories, this film is more of a meditative poem than the whimsical punchline that traditionally punctuates his work. Over the coming days, I will be featuring...

Today's Obsession: Kim Pimmel

Kim Pimmel is a User Experience Designer with Adobe, a lighting designer, a photographer, and a huuuuge nerd. My partner recently ran across one of his lighting experiments on Vimeo, playing with a combination of stop-motion photographs of lighting stitched into filmed footage, and mashed together with some of the soundtrack of Tron Legacy...

Today's Obsession: Tiny Inventions

Here’s your Friday inspiration: a video from Red Giant Software—a product video, actually—but a fascinating workflow showing the innovative processes of a studio called Tiny Inventions. The studio combines puppetry, stop-frame animation, sculpture, and After Effects to create wonderful miniature animated worlds—most notably for They Might Be Giants.