Marks With Meaning

How to use symbols in the service of viable information has been an ongoing topic for visual communicators, as "The Challenge of Symbology" (1959) attests.

Image of the Day, August 5, 2013

ShaoLan Hsueh’s Chineasy is a ingenious Kickstarter project that involves teaching Chinese through creating memorable illustrations from Chinese characters. Read more about the project here. Via Creative Bloq.

Occupy! Design! Communication!

Yesterday was amazing. Protests took place all over the country to mark the two month anniversary of the Occupy Wall Street protest. This also coincided with this week’s violent ouster of Occupy demonstrators around the country as city officials tried to systemically quiet their citizens. It was perfect fuel for the Occupy movement. After...

Symbols Don’t Stop Violence

Today is apparently Spirit Day in the gay community, during which we’re all supposed to have a little pep rally and wear purple to show our solidarity against bullying. I’m not wearing purple. American culture has become over-saturated with meaningless symbols like this purple t-shirt affectation, “donating” our Facebook profiles against hunger for a...

These Boots Are Made for Walking, Walking Over You

Since WWI, the image of the Jackboot has been used repeatedly as a symbol of totalitarianism and military aggression, often embellished with a symbol—just so you know who is oppressing whom. Why the sole of the boot (funny choice of words… it must be my English)? Because everything underneath the sole of the boot...