Brand of the Day: Energy Meets Education With (B)ⁿ Nitro Coffee

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It wasn’t all that long ago that nitro coffee (and nitro beer, for that matter) had us scratching our heads and wondering what all the buzz was about.

So when the studio Redkroft was tasked with branding the first Polish nitro coffee offering top to bottom, they faced a similar challenge: How to get the public up to speed about a new (and quite delicious) product that might be completely unknown to many.

So in the quest to educate, they leaned into educational branding.

The first challenge: the name. Redkroft found their solution in the drink’s key ingredients—water, coffee beans and nitrogen—and distilled them into a scientific formula, arriving at (B) Nitro Coffee.

As they write, “Basing brand communication on a science theme (language, mathematical formulas and an aluminum laboratory can) helps to educate consumers about the new product. We show that there are no chemicals in the drink, only natural ingredients. … In further communication, we change those ingredients into other words that build positive associations with the brand for various types of consumers.”

As anyone who has gone down the nitro rabbit hole knows, it’s both smooth and even a bit naturally sweet—and it packs a punch. So to drive home the notion of a caffeine rush, Redkroft tossed punctuation out the proverbial window, and crafted the copy on the can to read in a single energetic burst.

Buzz-worthy branding, indeed.

Strategy/verbal identity/project management: Mariusz Ruciński

Visual Identity: Grzegorz Sołowiński