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Animal Instincts

Formerly an editor of The New York Times Book Review, Sarah Boxer is the creator of the Dr. Floyd books that look into the office of a psychoanalyst bird.

Cuban Modern(e)

Conrado Massaguer was a Cuban graphic designer, illustrator, publisher, and caricaturist, and a leading voice in shaping early 20th-century Cuban culture.

Fake News?

Gustav Klutsis was a Soviet photo montage pioneer and designer. Steven Heller takes a look at some preserved work of his in a new collection.

Lust For Type

Experimental graphic design, including type, has a home at A–Z in Berlin. A visual research project is their first exhibition, opening in June.

Olympic Modern

A new book, "Olympic Games—The Design" chronicles the graphic design history of the Olympic Games from Athens 1896 to Tokyo 2020.