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My Favorite Dummy

This point-of-purchase display of a nicely dressed gent sitting by an outdoor table in a modernist chair is the epitome of '30s advertising elegance.

Brooklyn Street Art

Alexander (Sasha) Brodsky is a young Brooklyn based illustrator and printmaker born in Moscow, Russia. These are his first portfolio pieces. He studied with Hernrik Drescher and Steven Savage at SVA, the former suggested I see his work. I was blown away by their emotional intensity yet conceptual simplicity. In a way, they reminded...

The Dean of Design

Will Bradley (1868–1962) is an underappreciated American design pioneer overshadowed by other Art Nouveau and Arts & Crafts practitioners.

When Design Was An Offshoot Of Printing

During the 19th century an increase of printed materials fostered the rise in trade magazines. The content centered on information for the craft and profession. The Inland Printer was created in October 1883 “as a local trade magazine for the booming mid-western printing industry,” states an website entry for the Rockwell Center For American...

The Bernini Of Cardboard Sculptures

Cardboard point of purchase (POP) displays are commercial sculptures. Perhaps not as masterful as a Bernini or Rodin yet when constructed well, they move you to think, look and buy. A lot goes into a cardboard display, its not just cut and paste. The art and craft require more than a modicum of skill...

Narrative Of Things

Bernardo Bagulho is an exceptional young Illustrator and designer from Évora, Portugal, a stone town between the capital, Lisbon, and Spain frontier. It’s usually a quiet place surrounded by nature and megalithic monuments — this has been an influence. He started making posters for the indie cinema sessions in my hometown and when he...

We The Resistance

We the Women is a poster collective with a focus on supporting the rights of women in the U.S. Steven Heller shows some of their latest collection.

Remain Sane: Draw!

D.B. Dowd publishes the illustrated journal Spartan Holiday, a non-fiction serial tracking his travels. Steven Heller talks traveling and drawing.