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10 Mini Portfolios We Love From #PortfolioDay

Updated: Jun 30

You might not know what day it is … but at least it’s #PortfolioDay!

The Twitter portfolio-sharing bonanza, which was started by Audrey Gonzalez, happens quarterly on the second Tuesday of the month.

Hopefully by the time the next one rolls around—July 14—we’ll be living in a much healthier world.

In the meantime, here are 10 portfolios we loved from today’s outing.

Hi #PortfolioDay! I’m Jenn, a cinematographer + director. I make narrative & documentary films with a passion for exploring human nature through emotional visual storytelling.

https://t.co/G1f0gdZ6tm https://t.co/aVUZrlLDAe ♥️ https://t.co/TJPSsJeNYQ pic.twitter.com/YR6a9IV7g8

— Jenn Ravenna Tran (@JennRavenna) April 14, 2020

#graphicdesign #illustration #PortfolioDay #twitter