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10 Award-Winning Leaflets, Pamphlets & Brochures

We all know the power of well-designed leaflets. Leaflets, pamphlets, flyers and other printed media provide marketers a versatile approach to a wide variety of audiences—even in the digital age.

For the record, “leaflet” may be synonymous with “flyer” if it’s only one page and the size of an A6; however, they’re often more detailed than their flyer counterpart as they usually contain more information for a consumer to digest. Having no standard format, leaflets may contain multiple pages for consumers to flip through, they may come in a variety of sizes from the diminutive flyer size to the large-scale poster size, and they may have different folds—bifold, trifold, etc.

We collected some remarkable leaflet examples from the Regional Design Awards that showcase how impressive these marketing materials are. Browse through them for inspiration for your next leaflet design project.

Award-Winning Brochure & Leaflet Designs:

Thanks for Fueling Our Flame Self-Promotion  by Bonfire Red, Columbus, OH

“In effort to spread a little holiday cheer, Bonfire Red crafted a thank you to partners and clients for fueling our flame. As firm believers in collaboration, it was all hands on deck for this project.” – Bonfire Red

F13GC: EMU Art Department Fall 2013 Gallery Calendar by EMU Art Department Gallery Program, Ypsilanti, MI

Love this creative calendar leaflet:

Fine Folk Identity by Design Ranch, Kansas City, MO

“When stylist + jewelry designer Leslie Fraley came to us to name and brand her new shop + studio, we were flattered. She has impeccable taste paired with an artful eye. Inspired by the high-end craft of the pieces in her shop, we named and designed the Finefolk brand. A sophisticated, beautiful look reminds everyone, “We ar Finefolk.” – Design Ranch

Brownie and Madam by Chen Design Associates, San Francisco

This eye-catching leaflet design is from the Brownie and Madam integrated branding program.

5 Years Young Invitation by Caliber Creative, Dallas, TX

“For our 5th Anniversary, we wanted to make an impression, and in a sea of e-vites, it’s easy to get thrown by the wayside. So, we decided to approach this piece from the opposite end of the spectrum. Hence, the four-color newsprint. With custom shot photography and hand-done typography, this vintage-inspired piece is distinctly human and quintessentially Caliber. It was the perfect way to commemorate our 5th birthday (and the party wasn’t too bad either).” – Caliber Creative

Doug’s Gym by The Matchbox Studio, Dallas, TX

School of Industrial + Graphic Design Program Brochure/Poster by Courtney Windham Design, Auburn, AL

“The School of Industrial + Graphic Design (SIGD) increased recruitment efforts by reaching out to high school students, teachers and counselors. This campaign includes posters and videos promoting the design programs. Ultimately, the multiple printed pieces need to communicate the various aspects of the programs as well as be lasting reminders hanging on a wall. The two poster brochures are mailed as a set and intended to be viewed as two programs that find strength in being housed together. In order to maintain cohesion between the two, both posters are the same size, folding style and similar visual language.” – Courtney Windham Design

Spring for the Arts Event Invitation by Wingard Creative, Jacksonville, FL

“The event materials that we designed were a visual explosion of colors and symbols. Detailed images of flowers, musical instruments and dancers practically burst off of the page. The juxtaposition of blocky typography and effective copy made this invitation a work of art in its own right. By unfolding the invitation to its full poster size, attendees could adorn their walls with this memorable reminder of the Cathedral Arts Project’s event.” – Wingard Creative

A Media Archaeology of Boston DVD Packaging by goodgood, Boston

“Using the Boston region as a laboratory for exploring different modes of urban representation across both history and media, A Media Archaeology of Boston exhibits a carefully-selected excavation of the city’s spaces through a montage of short films, photographs, postcards, and soundscapes of the larger metropolitan area.” – goodgood

The University of Hartford, Hartford Art School Recruitment Package by 160over90, Philadelphia

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