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Typogymnastics and Boogy Paper

Julien Priez was born in Montreuil, France, in 1986, and studied graphic design and type design between 2004 and 2010 at Eugénie Cotton Montreuil and Estienne Paris. After working for three years as a freelance typographer and calligrapher for several agencies, Pierre Di Sciullo, Atelier Chévara (Marge Design today), and Atelier Muësli, he left to work as an employee for Fontyou for two years. His first and original typeface, Mandinor FY, was published in June 2014. He now works as an independent calligrapher, type & graphic designer @boogypaper and teaches for several schools in Paris (ECV, Eugénie Cotton, Duperré, Auguste Renoir…) France. This booklet, printed by Risograph is a stellar example of typexpressionism and printing technography. Savor the faces, then relish the production. See more boogypaper posts here and his type videos here. I’m quite in awe of his talent and imagination. Bravo!

“E” Wip typeface black and Thin; “E”variable Font lettering. For the Conimcation of All Eyes on Type Festival organized by High on Type.

“G” page from forthcoming book published by Amatera Edition.

“R” specimen poster for a Wip Ornament Font.

Wip Font.

Hairy Uncial Alphabet Lettering.

Calligraphic studies.

Black letter calligraphic studies light and heavy.

Ornamental Lettering for all eyes on Type Festival communication.

Black slanted alphabet sketch and Light Roman Lower case calligraphic sketch.

Double page spread from a forthcoming book published by Amatera Edition

Nightmare Alphabet Annimation (Music by Raphaël Kidd.

Wip Typeface.

Animation for the communication of the Type Life 3 Magazine, done with Swiss typefaces.

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