• Callie Budrick

“All of Nikola Tesla’s U.S. Patents”: An Electrifying New Book Containing Just That

The publisher Kronecker Wallis is known for its cultural, technical, scientific and philosophical books, including prints of Isaac Newton’s college notebook, Marie Curie’s thesis, a volume of Alexander von Humboldt illustrations, and now—All of Nikola Tesla’s USA Patents.

Illustrating Nature: The World Through the Eyes of Alexander von Humboldt

Illustrating Nature: The World Through the Eyes of Alexander von Humboldt

Kronecker Wallis’ mantra—“We do not know how to, nor do we want to, create a monotonous and characterless product”—shines bright in all of their works, and this volume is set to be no different. Technical and cutaway illustrations abound in the 500-page tome that takes readers on a journey through scientific history. As for the production, stamped on premium Munken Polar paper specifically designed for offset printing, the uncoated surface creates a smooth and natural feeling in readers’ hands for a premium reading experience.

Those who back the Kickstarter campaign will also have the opportunity to receive A2 posters with prints of Tesla’s original designs for the Tesla Coil, the AC Generator, electric light, or electromagnetic motor.

All of Nikola Tesla’s USA Patents is set to offer a great glimpse into the genius of the man who practically invented the modern world and once fell in love with a pigeon. Find out more about the project here.