• Zachary Petit

Brand of the Day: Nike’s Colorful New Kicks

Today, Nike announced a slate of new shoes for sneakerheads to swoon over—and while we tend to prefer all things black, we’re reveling in the wonderland of color.

First up is the Nike Adapt BB 2.0, which feels like a prototype that belongs more to a contemporary art museum than the streets of Greater China, where it launches April 18 before coming to the states in the summer.

Next is Nike’s Vibrant Pack, which gives Air Max silhouettes a fresh wash and debuts this spring. As Nike notes, “In addition to Air Max underfoot, the layered translucent color and pattern throughout the pack give the illusion of light and weightlessness.”

And finally, there’s the Nike Alphina 5000. As Nike details, “The look is conveyed by a bold use of a generation-defining technology, Nike Flywire. Introduced in 2008, Flywire creates a lightweight system of support through principles inspired by the cables from suspension bridges. On the Alphina 5000, the articulation of Flywire celebrates its initial aesthetic, whether in multi-color bursts or more subdued tones. … Paying homage to the classic 2000s Bowerman Series of running shoes, the sole unit is also cored out at key points and given a playful asymmetry. In combination, the shoe’s elements bring a new interpretation to chunky athletic nostalgia.”

The kicks kick off this spring. Whether you keep them on a shelf or on your feet is up to you.

(Nike made news earlier this week when Forbes reported that the company is releasing the first Kobe Bryant shoes since the beloved longtime Laker’s death in January. Click here to check them out, too.)

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