• Steven Heller

The Case of the Dummy Nose

Seymour Chwast published The Nose, a thematic self-promotional publication, from 1997–2009. I was editor for around a dozen of the issues, though it was entirely Chwast’s concept, artwork and wit that made The Nose run (I merely contributed pithy and pun-filled editorials). Like the Push Pin Almanac, Push Pin Graphic and Push Pin Monthly before it, the themes were both serious and comedic—sometimes both at once. In the satiric tradition, Chwast used art and commentary to address bigotry, the death penalty, food and fear, among other human traits and emotions.

The Nose relied on paper and printing donations, and the rest of the editorial work was a labor of love. But in 2006 the industries that supported it began pulling back on this kind of creative promotion, and The Nose was cut too.

Recently, I found the dummy for Number 11, which was devoted to “Tricks.” The “Tricks” number was indeed published in 2005 but the version shown here is somewhat different from the one that was printed. (It includes a version of my editorial from the “Hell” issue.)

Some copies of The Nose are still for sale on the Push Pin/Chwast website, and many of the issues can be found on the Archive page. But here is the original dummy for Number 11, which was published with this totally different cover.

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Draplin image: Leah Nash. Hische: Helena Price. Lupton: Michelle Qureshi. Scher: Ian Roberts.

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