• Steven Heller

ITC, The Most Trusted Name in Letters

In the late 1960s two typeface providers were in the limelight: The International Typeface Corporation (ITC) and Photo Lettering Inc. (currently managed by House Industries), both the giants of type manufacturing. The former was founded in New York in 1970 by Aaron Burns, Herb Lubalin, and Edward Rondthaler. The company was one of the world’s first type foundries to come out of the photo universe and not the metal type one.

The company was founded to design, license, and market typefaces for filmsetting and computer set types internationally. The company issued both new designs and revivals of older or classic faces, invariably re-cut to be suitable for digital typesetting use and produced in families of different weights. Among the company’s notable type designers was Ed Benguiat, the creator of Tiffany, Souvenir and Benguiat fonts. Although not all the International Typeface Corporation faces made the greatest hits list, their great presentation was worth the cost and effort.

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