Kid Lit Covers Go Minimal (And Benefit Indie Bookstores in the Process)

Bestselling children’s book author (and rapper) Raj Haldar has had good reason to revisit kid lit classics of yesteryear and beyond lately: He had a daughter in April.

And as he takes her through all the formative reads, he has begun subtly reinterpreting their covers with some Modernist vibes—including his own book, P is for Pterodactyl: The Worst Alphabet Book Ever, co-written with Chris Carpenter and illustrated by Maria Tina Beddia.

After reading the news this week that the legendary Strand bookstore in New York City is struggling to remain open (alongside so many indies around the country), Haldar has decided to release his reinterpreted P is for Pterodactyl cover as a poster, with all profits benefiting the Book Industry Charitable Foundation.

Check out some of his covers so far below—and for more, head to Haldar’s Instagram.