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Kiss My: A Beautiful Band of Aperitifs

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The world of aperitifs dates back centuries, and vermouth as we know it today was invented in Italy in the late 1700s. Thing is, most aperitif brands on the market look like they haven’t been updated since around that time, either.

With the launch of Kiss My, though, brothers Niels and Wouter Vandekerkhove have put a fresh spin on an old game—and Pearl Fisher has turned out a look to match.

The brothers began their explorations in the world of spirits by foraging ingredients at their farm in Belgium and breaking out the family’s heirloom recipes. That led to a reimagined line of vermouth and, now, Kiss My.

Pearl Fisher developed the identity, brand strategy, collateral, packaging and web presence. As the agency details in a case study, “The cheekiness of the brand name and unique flavor pairings inspired our sensorial design approach and injected a sense of personality and movement into the illustrations. Taking cues from the Vandekerkhove family farm and its striking landscapes, we created a truly unique color palette that differentiates each of the Kiss My variants while tying them together beautifully as a range.”

Images: Pearl Fisher

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