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60 Poster Design Ideas from the Regional Design Awards

Deadline to enter the RDA: April 2, 2018.

The Regional Design Awards are one of the leading graphic design competitions in the nation—and the only design competition that recognizes excellent work by the region from which it originates. Boost your work, get discovered and get the recognition you deserve by entering the 2018 awards today. All winners will get their work in PRINT’s all new 365 Days of Design Inspiration book and special on-site recognition at HOW Design Live.

Need some inspiration before you enter? Check out these 60 poster design ideas from last year’s competition.

A Day in the Life at SFMOMA

SFMOMA Design Studio, San Francisco; www.sfmoma.org: Jennifer Sonderby (creative director/art director/ designer), Sophine Lim (designer), Adam Simpson (illustrator), Robyn Wise (writer); San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (client)

Rolling Papers Movie Poster

Ellen Bruss Design, Denver; www.ebd.com: Ellen Bruss (creative director), Ken Garcia (art director), Matt Kistler (designer); Active Environmentalist LLC (client)

Austin Film Society Rebrand

Foxtrot, Austin, TX; www.foxtrot.co: Jann Baskett (creative director), Ryan Thompson (art director/designer), Oscar Morris (designer); Austin Film Society (client)

Half Price Books Holiday 2016 Poster

Horsemen’s Poster

RK Venture, Albuquerque, NM; www.rkventure.com: Richard Kuhn (creative director), Rudi Backart (creative director/art director/designer); Horsemen’s Feed & Supply Co. (client)

Hotel Eleven Poster Series

Sherry Matthews Advocacy Marketing, Austin, TX; www.sherrymatthews.com: Rex Peteet (creative director/art director/designer/illustrator/writer); Hotel Eleven (client)

Lucy’s Fried Chicken 7th Annual Revival

Revival Theatre Company—Evita

Dennard, Lacey & Associates, Dallas; www.dennardlacey.com: James Lacey (creative director/ art director/designer/illustrator), Bob Dennard (creative director); Revival Theatre Company (client)

Revival Theatre Company—Grey Gardens

Revival Theatre Company—Victor/Victoria

Dennard, Lacey & Associates, Dallas; www.dennardlacey.com: James Lacey (creative director/ art director/designer/illustrator), Bob Dennard (creative director); Revival Theatre Company (client)

State Fair of Texas Poster

2016 RiverRun International Film Festival

Elephant In The Room, Winston-Salem, NC; www.elephantintheroom.com: Will Hackley (creative director/art director/designer); RiverRun International Film Festival (client)

Carolina Ballet Posters

Clean, Raleigh, NC; www.cleandesign.com: Scott Scaggs (creative director), Alice Brady (art director), Nikki Steeprock (designer), Tyler Northrup (photographer), Mary Webster (writer); Clean (client)

Code Red Project


The Variable, Winston-Salem, NC; www.thevariable.com: Joe Parrish (creative director), David Jones (art director), Justin Jackson, Matt Cook, Josh Carnley (designers), Gary Bostwick (writer); Lowe’s Foods (client)

Design Perspectives

Braley Design, Lexington, KY; www.braleydesign.com: Michael Braley (creative director/art director/designer), Kate Davis (designer); AAF Lexington (client)

FLVS Test Prep Posters Series

Anson-Stoner, Winter Park, FL; www.anson-stoner.com: Tom Macaluso (creative director/art director/designer/ writer); FLVS (client)

Peggy Noonan Poster

Phase Eight Poster Series

Brunet-García, Jacksonville, FL; www.brunetgarcia.com: Jorge Brunet-Garcia (creative director), Aerien Mull (art director), Bianca Borghi (art director/designer); Phase Eight Theater Company (client)

10-Year Freelance Copywriting Anniversary Tour Poster

AAF Omaha Bowl a Rama 2017

Webster, Omaha, NE; www.websterdesign.com: Sean Heisler (creative director/art director/designer/illustrator); AAF Omaha (client)

AIGA: Get Out the Vote

Studio of Christine Wisnieski, Cleveland; www.christinewisnieski.com: Christine Wisnieski (creative director/designer), Jennifer Visocky O’Grady (art director), Lauren McAndrews (designer), Sarah Rutherford (writer); AIGA (writer/client)

CC Coffee Poster

Christiansen Creative, Hudson, WI; www.think-cc.com: Tricia Christiansen (creative director/art director), Ellie Alexander (designer), Connor Blacksher (illustrator); Christiansen Creative (client)

French Disney Castle

French Foil Packaging Posters

French Paper A–Z and Tools of the Trade Poster

Pencil4Peace Posters

Broty Design, Chicago; www.mikebroty.com: Mike Brotebeck (creative director/art director/designer/ illustrator), Charlie Perkins (writer); Pencil4Peace Coloring Books (client)

The Scenic Route

Student Send-Off Poster

Wisconsin Foundation and Alumni Association, Madison, WI: Amanda Breitenbach (creative director), Christie Evenson (designer), Matt Rogge (writer); Wisconsin Foundation and Alumni Association (client)

AIGA 35th Anniversary Posters

GDLOFT, Philadelphia; www.gdloft.com: Allan Espiritu, Kevin Kernan (creative directors/art directors/ designers); AIGA Philadelphia (client)


Tré Seals, Accokeek, MD; www.sealsbrand.co: Tré Seals (creative director/art director/designer); Theodore Booker (client)

Keurig Ideation Poster

SapientRazorfish, Boston; www.sapientrazorfish.com: Derek Luciani (illustrator); Keurig (client)

Ode to Lunch

Proportion, Medford, MA; www.proportion.us: Jeff Price (creative director/designer), Paul Reiss (art director/ designer/photographer), Blake Goodwin (art director/ designer), Joel Balbuena (designer); Proportion (client)

RuPaul’s DragCon—Love Yourself

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