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The 2014 New Visual Artists

Every year, Print celebrates the next generation of visual artists. From thousands of talented illustrators, designers and photographers, we choose 20 creatives who are making a splash in the art world and award them the coveted New Visual Artists designation. After all, you can’t buy your way onto our “20 Under 30” list—you must be nominated. The NVAs of 2014 have certainly caught the attention of the industry greats who submitted their names, and we contend that their work will blow you away, too.

These exceptional professionals hail from countries near and far, working in studio apartments and top design firms. They push boundaries, blur creative lines and prove that “older” doesn’t necessarily mean “better.” These superstars join Jessica Walsh, Frank Chimero and all the other hardworking former NVAs whose projects continue to turn heads. We can’t wait to see what they all do next. Learn even more about this year’s NVAs and their work in the April issue of Print.

Meet (in alphabetical order): Dan Blackman, Kevin Cantrell, Sougwen Chung, Justin Colt, Sam Wolfe Connelly, Taylor Goad, Richard Gray, Leigh Guldig, Joe Hollier, Tran Nguyen, Sebastian Padilla, Sasha Prood, Manik Rathee, Marco “Goran” Romano, Lizzy Showman, Leta Sobierajski, Trey Wadsworth, Julia Yellow, Nathan Yoder and Zipeng Zhu.

Dan Blackman

“[Creatively, in 10 years, I hope to be] helping run some kind of firm, startup or design studio—happy and still pushing myself.”

Poster series created for Rivendell Bicycle Works in Walnut Creek, CA, with one poster representing each Rivendell bike.

A promotional poster for DelVal College’s botany program.

Kevin Cantrell

An identity for the Law Office of Matthew Messina. Cantrell’s personal and client work shows off his passion for custom lettering.

“[I’m inspired by] books (fiction and non-fiction), movies (especially period movies), Pinterest, design blogs and nature.”

A personal poster project.

Sougwen Chung

“My influences are often ‘what’ rather than ‘who.’ I find inspiration in space, time, light, sound and you.”

“Chiaroscuro”; a sculpture called “Exuviae”

A print in a series called “Étude Op. 2: 1-4” that captures the moment before upheaval.

Justin Colt

“I love all my children equally. I couldn’t pick a favorite. Top projects include … work for those who deserve it: friends, family, people who are working really hard on something they believe in.”

Design work for Made Here, a web platform for manufacturing and selling products.

Retail design for Converse.

Sam Wolfe Connelly

“[In 10 years, I hope to be] doing what I do now—creating new things.”

onnelly captures a particular mood in his work, such as in “Envy.”

Connelly created an atmosphere of intrigue while also maintaining historical accuracy with his “The Great Gatsby” illustrations for The Folio Society.

Taylor Goad

A contribution to The Everywhere Project representing Goad’s home state of Oklahoma.

A fictional bottle and cap design for North Coast Brewing.

Richard Gray

The papercraft work that Gray completed for The Malmö Festival is among his favorite projects.

Snask organizes the YAY Festival every year. The 2013 visual identity was made by hand and photographed.

Leigh Guldig

Guldig also created the cover for the NVA issue.

“My favorite pieces are the two calendars I recently worked on: National Public Radio and Dellas Graphics Annual Frogfolio.”

An illustration for NPR’s 2014 wall calendar.

Illustration for Orange Coast Magazine

Joe Hollier

“In 10 years, I’d love to be in a position [where] I could make many of my bigger ideas real.”

Five on That is Hollier’s skateware company.

Custom patterns for FIve on That.

Tran Nguyen

“My influences are Gustav Klimt, Hayao Miyazaki and James Jean, and I find inspiration in people—and their stories—that I come across every day.”

“Wandering Across a Borrowed Belief”

“Wandering Across a Borrowed Belief”

Sebastian Padilla

“Inspiration could come from anywhere: travel, trying out new food, a sports game, the title sequence from a movie, a book, a concert, etc.”

Architecture and interior design for a children’s library and cultural center.

Packaging work for a restaurant called Montero.

Sasha Prood

“I find inspiration everywhere … the organization and sense of simplicity found in geometry … everyday ‘mundane’ things that are basic and utilitarian.”

“Geometric Crystals” uses crystallization, liquids and gels.

Hand-drawn “Wired Growing Logo” for Wired U.K.’s masthead.

Manik Rathee

“I follow a lot of incredibly talented designers and developers. Some of my primary influencers [include] Dieter Rams, Louise Fili, Craig Mod, Cameron Moll and Paul Irish.”

Rathee helped overhaul the donation platform for Obama for America.

Rathee’s design for his personal blog, one of his favorite projects.

Marco “Goran” Romano

“I try to approach every project with confidence. I like the fact that between the [client] and me, there’s harmony.”

Illustration “En Charrette” represents an expression used in architecture.

“Zen Garden” artwork used in Wired Italy

Lizzy Showman

For the Seattle-based restaurant Evergreens, Showman created the identity and range of collateral, including icons, menus and signage. “The identity is designed from the perspective of a top-down view of a salad bowl, and reflective of the chop-to-order mentality,” she says.

“Every project I created in grad school and at Sagmeister & Walsh was an opportunity to look at the creative process from a different angle, giving me the confidence to pursue my own ventures through design.”

A Capaella, an interactive iPad magazine, combines music with editorial content.

Leta Sobierajski

“Whether designed for personal or promotional uses or for client-based projects, each piece presents a process in which multidisciplinary ideas and approaches lead to unexpected results.”

“24,” a photo illustration project developed solely in camera with paper, wood, paint and fishing wire.

“2013,” a complex Rube Goldberg–esque typographic poster created to celebrate the arrival of the New Year.

Trey Wadsworth

Two of a series of neon graphics, which acted as branding for Adult Swim and represented each of the network’s shows.

“I have the privilege of working with an amazing group of smart and talented people at Adult Swim. Going to work every day feels like some strange, beautiful dream.”

Design and illustration for the fifth season of Adult Swim’s “Squidbillies”

Julia Yellow

Age: 27 From: Taiwan Lives in: New York City Discipline & Place of Work: Illustrator, self-employed Education: Savannah College of Art and Design Website: www.juliayellow.com Twitter: @_juliayellow

“Bravery” is meant to be an encouraging piece. ”Never let anyone or anything stop you from pursuing and fulfilling your dream. Leave the comfort zone if you must,” Yellow says.

“In 10 years, I hope to become a well-known illustrator with clients from all over the world.”

The “Holy Cow” postcard design shows her sense of humor.

Nathan Yoder

“I don’t like thinking too hard about what I’m working on, as strange as that may sound. Overanalyzing kills momentum, but concept paves the way for beautiful design.”

“Act of Kindness”

“Heroes Around Us” poster

Zipeng Zhu

nspired by hell itself, Zhu created the branding for Hell’s Kitchen Pizza, and used the “K” to form a military badge in which the negative space creates an arrow pointing to the word “pizza.”

“[I hope] to get into more different industries. I’d love to do more videos, furniture and exhibitions—anything new and fun and challenging.”

Zhu designed imagined branding, including film posters and the logo, which was created from his square alphabet.

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