• Steven Heller

The Daily Heller: What’s Better Than a Beautiful Magazine Cover?

It's been so long since a good magazine has had consistently beautiful covers that raise the level of design to a high strata (well, there are a few, but not as many as in the '60s and '70s). Among the gems of the past were many covers for The Architectural Forum, art directed by Ray Komai (1918–2010). When he left the magazine, Charlotte Winter took his place—and designed the covers below.

Alas, like many women, she appears to be "undocumented" by graphic design historians. Recently, I wrote about the Peoples' Design Archive, an initiative to redefine, recontextualize and return identity to designers who history left behind. Charlotte Winter is one of them. If anyone has any information about who she is, where she worked and what her other work was about, please write to us here at PRINT.