• Chloe Gordon

Type Tuesday: Disorder Reigns Supreme With The Interactive Type Chaosifier

When thinking about typography, it's easy to think about the letters as a set and permanent unit. Dev Valladares, a designer and visual artist, is challenging this way of thinking with The Type Chaosifier, an interactive typography piece that he created for an assignment at the Maryland Institute College of Art. Each character can be manipulated in various ways, creating a massive collection of characters, fonts, and masterpieces. Not only has this project challenged us to think about typography differently, but it's also muddling the differentiation between typography and motion design as a whole.

The Type Chaosifier is an interactive typography piece, where type meets order, chaos, and the laws of physics. Created on p5.js in javascript, it was created for a student assignment at the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) in Dae In Chung's Generative Typography class.

The Chaosifier presently has 8 modules, or 'phenomena' so far: Fractal, Jellyfish, Mesh, Orbit, Particles, Rain, Space, Swarm. Each has a mode of order, and one of chaos. The generator is free to use, a playground to create striking visual results while simultaneously prompting curiosity and excitement into the growing intersections of graphic design with not only the interactive arts but also the natural sciences.

It is and always will be a work in progress – there is a lot of code – and physics – left to explore, integrate, and interact with.

The project is documented here https://www.valladares.dev/project/typechaosifier

Try the generator out yourself here https://www.valladares.dev/typechaosifier

Project Credits:

Dev Valladares