Gov Ball’s 2022 Brand Identity Plays Into Iconic NYC Visuals Including Milton Glaser’s I ❤ NY Logo

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The Governors Ball is a three-day music festival based in New York City featuring renowned artists and a fantastic food and beverage lineup to boot. And while the festival is known for the music, it’s also become quite celebrated as having a wonderful visual system year after year.

For this year’s festival, the creative studio Burn & Broad crafted the identity and visual language for the three-day festival by honoring prominent NYC iconography, pulling ample inspiration from Milton Glaser’s timeless I ︎❤ NY symbol.

Each piece of the system has a deeper meaning beyond the initial visuals; the apple at the heart of the design, for example, is representative of “The Big Apple.” Additionally, the greenery climbing up the brick wall illustrates a “concrete jungle,” and the repeated use of yellow symbolizes the constant stream of Taxis throughout the busy city. 

And while some think of New York as a place where dreams are made, anything can happen, and magical moments ensue, the visual system takes a more realistic approach. Featuring grumpy bodega cats, taxi cab emissions, and pigeons adorning headphones, the identity and landscape are gritty, authentic, and, well, an accurate encapsulation of the real New York. 

Governors Ball Festival will run from June 10-12th, and Burn & Broad’s design work can be found throughout the festival’s branding system ranging from the website, posters, and countdown.