Adidas Announces Its Most Inclusive Sports Bra Collection To Date, and Some People Just Can’t Handle That

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Anyone who has breasts, has had breasts, or has been around a lot of breasts, can attest to the fact that there is a wide range of breast sizes, shapes, and behaviors. As such, different breasts require vastly different types of bras, though it’s taken our society a shameful amount of time to catch on to that fact (I wonder why that could possibly be).

Better late than never, Adidas has just announced a new capsule collection of inclusive sports bras composed of 43 distinct styles available in 72 sizes across 18 product franchises engineered for the very many breast types in the world and the various physical activities those with breasts perform. Let the “support” double entendres commence! 

The brand announced what is their most extensive and size-inclusive sports bra collection to date in head-turning fashion by posting a photo collage of 25 different pairs of uncensored bare breasts with imprints in the skin left behind by sports bras on their Twitter.

Unsurprisingly, this ad has been met with just as many hot takes on social media as there are breast types—which is to say, the limit does not exist! We’re really not in the business of giving just anyone with internet access airtime on our site, so we’ll leave that portion of this story at that.

The collection itself caters to active bra-wearers of all shapes and sizes so that more people have the tools they need to be active and comfortable. Adidas says that 90% of women aren’t wearing the right sports bra size, and roughly 23.5 million women have opted out of a workout because their sports bra didn’t provide the support they needed. That’s why they assembled a female-led design team who worked with specialists at a leading breast biomechanics research institute, the University of Portsmouth, to design this range of sports bras.

These experts developed a product line that gets broken up into four distinct categories suited for different kinds of physical activities: “Train” (Adiflex), “Studio” (Adisoft), “Everyday” (Adibare), and “Run” (Adiform).

Along with the bras themselves, Adidas has developed an online bra-fitting service to help customers decipher which of the 42 styles is right for them. The service includes a self-measurement tutorial and customized recommendations. 

The collection will be available worldwide on, the Adidas app, and in stores starting on February 14.