How Has Design Changed Since 1980?

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So, how has design—and especially “award-winning design”—changed over the last three-and-a-half decades? We decided to break out the very first Regional Design Annual and find out. (And if you’re wondering how design annuals crawled out of the primordial ooze in the first place, Steven Heller explains here.)

… Why all the black and white? Cost restrictions made it so that longtime editor Martin Fox and his team could only select a handful of designs to feature in full color. Imagine how some of these would sing with just a few pops …


Symbol for The Framesmith in Baltimore. Designer: Marilyn Worseldine, Washington.


Left: Cover of “Tax Guide for Small Business,” published by US Department of the Treasury. Art director: Chuck Gailis; illustrator: John Pack, Washington. Right: Cover of brochure-cum-poster for International Communications Agency traveling exhibit, “The Saga of the Great Plains.” Art directors: Ethel Kessler, John Vorhes/ICA; designer: Ethel Kessler, Washington.


Cover from promotional booklet for Stephenson, Inc. Art director/designer: Leo Mullen/Invisions Ltd.; photographer: Peter Garfield, Washington.


Cover of FDA Consumer. Art director: Jessie Nichols; designer/illustrator: Michael David Brown, Rockville, MD.


Promotional poster with circus theme for Michael David Brown Inc., and Virginia Lithograph. Art directors: Jeanne Krohn, Michael David brown; designer/illustrator: Michael David Brown, Rockville, MD.


Cover of Economic Impact, a review of world economics. Client: International Communications Agency; art director: Joseph Hockersmith; designer/illustrator: Phil Jordan/Beveridge & Associates, Washington.


Cover of guidebook for US Department of Agriculture. Art director/designer: Sara Tweedie/Forest Service, US Department of Agriculture, Washington.


Spread from promotional brochure for Council Press. Art director/designer: Jack Lefkowitz, Leesburg, VA; illustrator: Jeff Davis.


Cover of Industrial Launderer. Art director/designer: Jack Lefkowitz, Leesburg, VA; illustrator: Jeff Davis.


Cover of Industrial Launderer. Art director/designer: Jack Lefkowitz, Leesburg, VA; illustrator: Jeff Davis.


Covers of forest pest research and development handbook. Art director: Debbie Shelton/US Department of Agriculture; designers: David Sutton/USDA, Washington, and David M. Pesanelli Associates, Washington.


Table tent card promotion for a radio series. Client: Production Credit Associations of the Farm Credit System. Art director/designer: Jerry Pavey, Washington.


Ad for American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees. Agency: Brouillard Communications, Div. of J Walter Thompson, Washington; art director: Pedro Gonzalez; copywriter: Anne Seidlitz; photographer: Peter Garfield.


Illustration for article on Chinese cooking in the Washington Post. Art director: Kathy Legg/Washington Post; illustrator: Jim Pack, Washington.


Portfolio piece. Artist: Shannon McDermott/Rodneys, Sacramento.


Anti-British, pro-Irish ad which appeared on the occasion of Prince Charles’ visit to San Francisco. Art director/designer: Dugald Stermer, San Francisco.


“Ultimate Hamburger” promotion for Crown Zellerbach. Design firm: Sidjakov & Berman, San Francisco; art director/designer: Jerry Berman; photographer: Lawrence Bartone.


Spread from booklet for Premier Angus, Inc. Design firm: 3D/International, Houston; art director: Frank Douglas; designer: Steve Harding; photographer: Peter Heyne.


Illustration for an article called “Snake in the Love Nest” in a German men’s magazine. Art director: Rainer Woertmann; illustrator: Kinuko Y. Craft, Chicago.


Poster for Gradua
te Programs Dept., Dept of Art and Design, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Designer: Carl Regehr, Urbana.


Boston Waterfront poster. Client: Boston Society of Architects; art director/designer: John Massey/Container Corporation of America, Chicago.


Exhibition announcement. Designer: Miles DeCoster/Michaels DeCoster, Chicago.


Poster announcing the 55th faculty art exhibit at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Designer: Carl Regehr, Urbana.


Poster for agricultural exhibit in the Soviet Union. Art director/designer: Bill Caldwell/International Communications Agency, Washington.


Poster for Smithsonian Traveling Exhibition Service. Art director/designer: Bill Caldwell, International Communications Agency, Washington; illustrator: Juan Calderon.


Poster for General Assembly of Inter-American Tax Administrators. Art directors/designers: Jeanne Krohn, Michael David Brown, Rockville, MD.


Symbol for Division of Musical Instruments, Smithsonian Institution, based on detail or rosette from 18th-century English cittern on view at the Smithsonian. Designer: Crimilda Pontes/Smithsonian Institution Press, Washington.


Poster publicizing Farm Credit Administration picnic. Art director/designer: Jerry Pavey/FCA, Washington.


Ad for Harbor Walk, a residential community in Baltimore. Agency: Earle/Palmer Brown, Washington; art director/designer: Dan Rosenthal; copywriter: Mark Goldstein; illustrator: Barton-Gillet.


Symbol for a cooking school. Designer: Ethel Kessler, Washington.


Poster announcing an exhibit of work by Don Weller at Spokane Falls Community College. Designer: Don Weller/The Weller Institute, Los Angeles.


Poster announcing the New York Art Directors Club Show at Newport Beach (“The Big Apple Opens in Orange County”). Designer: Jann Church, Newport Beach; photographer: John Lawder.


Spread from McCall’s Christmas issue. Art director: Alvin Grossman; designer: Kit Hinrichs/Jonson, Pederson, Hinrichs & Shakery, San Francisco; illustrators: Lynne Dennis, Ellen Blonder; photographer: Dennis Bettencourt.


Posters for Texas Opera Theater. Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, Houston; art director/designer: Bob Braun.


Poster commemorating dedication of IBM plant and laboratory near Tucson. Designer: Larry Yang/IBM Corp., Tucson, AZ.


Covers of a series of manuals for Control Data Education Co. Design firm: Seitz Graphic Directions, Inc., Minneapolis; art director: Peter Seitz; designer/illustrator: Hideki Yamamoto.


Front pages of newsletter issued by the Minnesota Graphic Designers Association. Designer: Bob Fleming, Minneapolis.


Planned Parenthood poster. Designers: Terry Lesniewicz, Al Navarre, Lesniewicz/Navarre, Toledo.


Self-promotion poster. Designer: Tom Varisco, New Orleans.


Announcement of opening of a Marshall Field’s branch. Agency: Metzdorf Advertising, Houston; art director/designer: Charles Hively; copywriter: Mary Landford; illustrator: Seymour Chwast.

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